Winner Tour Guide of the Year of Skagway, Alaska, three years in a row!

Who can remember the names of all 40 of her guests in just minutes? Why that's Dawson Dolly, of course!

Dawson Dolly, the creation of entertainer Cindy Godbey, began her life as part of Alaskan lore in 1992. Dolly infuses the rugged nature of Alaska with a brash and bold sense of humor as she talks about the history of gold in the region while also informing audiences that she personally has the "biggest nuggets in the Klondike!" Always one to have a good time and a wry laugh at herself, Dolly proudly proclaims that her husband might be a gold miner, but she's a gold digger! The compassion and spirit of Dolly stays with people long after they have returned home. Cindy worked at the Red Onion Saloon in Skagway, Alaska where Dolly initially reigned as "madam", but now both Cindy and Dolly entertain guests on her new wildlife tour!

Ms. Godbey has written several original songs such as "Big Gold Nuggets","Bucket Line Bertha", and "The White Pass Yukon Train" in order to fully tell Dolly's remarkable story. Cindy Godbey is a Christian and as she walks with the Lord....she will walk right into your heart. Cindy's efforts to bring laughter, music, and information to her many guests helped her to earn the title of Skagway's Tour Guide of the Year over several years.

Dolly operates a fantastic tour entitled "Dolly's Wildlife Adventure" and travels to beautiful areas near Dyea, Alaska.

If you want to ensure you "strike it rich" with your tour selection in Skagway, then treat yourself to a tour with Dawson Dolly!

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